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    Advanced Computer Research Center
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      The Advanced Computing Research Laboratory, founded in November of 2005, focuses its goal on the fundamental and advanced research in the field of computer science and technology and the field of related cross-disciplines, and on the cooperation research with both domestic and international research teams, so as to promote sustainable development of the Institute of Computing Technology in the research on information technology and intercrossed subjects. The Laboratory plans to lay a solid foundation of human resources for the long-term development of the Institute.

    Its current research areas include poly-core design, bioinformatics, cross-media computing technology and virtual reality technology, which are described as follows: 

    The main research contents of poly-core design are: microframe design of advanced processors, model research of large-scale parallel processors, run-time system research, and parallel algorithm research.

    The main research contents of bioinformatics are: mass spectrum based protein test and appraisal, protein structure prediction, electron microscope three-dimensional reconfiguration of frozen big biological molecules, and complex bionetwork analysis and non-coded RNA analysis.

    The main research contents of cross-media computing technology are: cross-mode video analysis and understanding technologies, text information retrieval technology, key technologies for digital animation creation, and large-scale information distribution technology.

    The main research contents of virtual reality technology are: virtual-man synthesis, virtual environment interaction, and the application of virtual reality technology in the fields such as physical training and public security problems, etc.


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