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    ICT Spring Strategy Planning Meeting Held Recently
    Update time: 2012-03-07
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    ICT Spring Strategy Planning Meeting was held on March 1 and 2, 2012. Present at the meeting were 98 key research staff and leaders from different departments of ICT. Centering on ICT’s plan during the 12th Five-Year Plan period and “1-3-5” strategic focus, participants had in-depth discussions about the work plan of ICT and its departments for 2012.

    DirectorSun Ninghui gave the keynote speech “Value: the New Driving Force”. Starting from some basic standings on the current status of economic, scientific and technological development in China, he elaborated on the positioning and work focus of ICT from the perspectives of the value of ICT and ICT staff’s values. While acknowledging the great achievements ICT has made over the past 13 years in innovation project, he also addressed some challenges faced by ICT at the present stage, such as further improvement of Loongson and Dawning, breakthrough in cloud computing and Golaxy technology, and so on.  

    The value of ICT, according to Director Sun, finds expression in being the cradle and origin for China’s IT industry in years 1956-2005 and in years 2006-2055 respectively. In the new era, ICT is changing from being the “cradle” to being the “origin”, from a “national research institute” to a “network based big institute”, and from promoting “integrated innovation” to promoting “original innovation”. He also addressed the importance of coordinated innovation by further building up teams and strengthening cooperation among teams. 

    Director Sun went on to talk about ICT staff’s values. In fact, ICT has  formed a cultural system, for example, it has been upholding the core value of “Research for a stronger nation, Innovation for a better society” broached up by Professor Li Guojie and the motto of “integrity, openness, and tenacity”, and promoting the philosophy that “everyone is uniquely talented and equally deserves happiness”. In his view, innovative culture shall be based on media: slogans, exemplary persons and sorties. Special efforts shall be made in getting the exemplary persons and their stories circulated among the general public. Besides, ICT shall adopt personalized measures for motivation and allocate resources to those who are most in need.

    At the end of his speech, he talked about some computer technologies which appear in “Mission Impossible 4” as outcome of imagination yet might be realized some day by ICT through its efforts, for example, speech recognition via mobile phone, reinforced reality, positioning and navigated tracking of rivals, wearable computer, and so on. With this, he put a successful end to his speech.

    After that, Deputy Director Sui Xueqing made a speech. In his speech, Mr. Sui set the overall objective for ICT’s development, analyzed the current status of enterprises and branches under ICT, and made a detailed introduction to his thoughts and considerations in practical operations. Mr. Sui mentioned ICT will further promote IT industry development by improving technical transfer system and attracting talented personnel from both within and outside the institute itself.

    After Mr. Sui gave his speech, 3 Deputy Chief Engineers (Professor Hu Weiwu, Professor Zhang Lixin and Professor Cheng Xueqi) talked about the 3 focused areas of ICT – Loongson CPU chips, Dawning high performance computer, and Golaxy network data. They shared with the audience the current status and their views on future development as well as detailed measures for breakthrough in these 3 areas.

    People in charge of each research entity, functional department and branch then made reports one after another about their work plan for 2012 as well as for the next several years. In their reports, they elaborated on the orientation and layout of scientific research, talented personnel team, industry development and strategic management.

    In his concluding remarks, Mr. Sun said that the meeting was a great success, and he was happy to see that ICT is full of hope. He mentioned it is of critical importance for ICT staff to march forward with a common objective and unified value. Only in this way can ICT do a good job in the implementation of its 12th Year Plan. And only this way can ICT find its own position in heated competition both at home and abroad. 


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