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    ICT Successfully Held the 5th Academic Conference & Open Day of National Key laboratory of Computer Architecture (under Construction)
    Update time: 2011-12-26
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    At 1:30, December 8, 2011, ICT launched the 5th Academic Conference and Open Day of National Key laboratory of Computer Architecture.

    ICT Academic Conference was held annually to exhibit academic research achievements within ICT itself, promote academic exchanges and provide a platform for discussions about cross research. Centering on “2020 Oriented Computer Technology”, participants at the conference showed great interest in scientific problems, key technology and measure related to computer technology oriented at 2020. They also had in-depth discussions with speech makers about 2020 oriented computer technology.

    Dr. Li Guojie made the opening remarks at the conference, highly acknowledging the conference’s role in stimulating continuous advancement of scientific research and also expressed his wishes for its great success.

    Mr. Fang Zhixi, Head of Intel Labs China, made a wonderful keynote speech titled as “New Direction for Architecture and System Software Research – Imbedded System Research”. In his speech, he shed lights on the newest development trend of imbedded software and hardware, pointed out the challenge in chip design for imbedded processors, and shared with the audience his views and forecasts.

    The first report was made by Professor Hu Weiwu, leader of the Loongson team. Professor Hu introduced the physical design of Loongson 3B, the achievement of which was published on ISSC2011, which points to its high technical standard and worldwide acknowledgement as ISSC is famed as the Olympics in the domain of chip design.

    The session on December 9th was opened by Director Sun Ninghui. He expressed new expectations for the academic conference and ICT’s academic research work. Professor Zeng Xuan, Dean of National Key Laboratory of Specialized IC from Fudan Uninversity. Professor Zeng shared with the audience their experience in the construction of National Key Laboratory. Later, she introduced the task force’s work in IC design and EDA algorithm.

    The afternoon session witnessed the report of “Security and Reliability Protection of Virtual Machine in Multi Rental Cloud” by Dr. Chen Haibo from Fudan University and the report by Mr. Zhuge Hai on his research of the establishment of semantic network in the physical society. Both reports aroused the intense interest of the audience and shed new lights on the audience. Rounds after rounds of applauses brought the conference to an successful end.

    Concurring with the Academic Conference was the Open Day of the National Key Laboratory of Computer Architecture (under Construction). The research directions, recent achievements and the independent research platform of the Laboratory were on full display in the form of exhibition booth, display board and object booth. The real object exhibit by Fault Tolerant Design Group attracted the attention of most of the audience, who had in-depth discussions about the differences and links between remodeling and reconstruction, the application prospects of remodeled chips, and so on.

    The Open Day served as a platform for free and open academic exchange, for better understanding of ICT, and for better understanding across different task forces within ICT. The 2-day Conference and Open Day came to a successful end at 6:00 pm on December 9th, leaving the whole audience stimulated and intrigued for further development of computer science.


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