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    Sino-Japanese Internet of things and embedded technology Seminar
    Update time: 2010-04-29
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    On 27th,April, 2010,the inaugural meeting of "Sino-Japanese Internet of things and embedded technology Seminar & China National Light Industry Council – Embedded Systems Application Committee” was held in Hubei Building, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing. It was organized by ICT (Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy Sciences), CHEARI (China Household Electrical Appliance Research Institute), T-Engine association in Japan, CNLIC-ESAC () and operated by ITC, CHEARI.

    Embedded systems is a special computer system which is application-centric and based on computer technology. Its software and hardware can be tailored to meet the application system functionality. Besides, its reliability, cost, size, power consumption are strict demanded. With the information, intelligence, network development, it has become the development direction of communication and common consumer products, also will be increasingly broad range of applications.

    With the integration of information development and industrialization and the acceleration of 3C integration, embedded systems technology and applications is growing rapidly. Internet of things, intelligent control, sensor networks have been gradually well known, embedded system technology has become the essential technology and new growth, especially in the light industrial upgrading. Embedded systems and related technology used in light industry has already been successful. Therefore, embedded systems has become the basis of manufacturing, mechanical and electrical integration of control, intelligent home and other areas’ technological innovation. SMS Po air conditioners, washing machines neuro-fuzzy control, intelligent control of paper production line, computerized embroidery machine, multi-function applications such as packaging machinery embedded technology products continue to emerge. Embedded systems and related technology in China is still in the initial stage. The domestic work in this area and the relative strength of bodies is scattered, to a certain extent, affected the development of domestic embedded technology.

    Regarding the situation, ITC, CHEARI and T-Engine Japan co-sponsored the event after years of cooperation. As the international top research institute, three launch units have made a number of practical results through certain cooperation of research and application pilot in smart appliances, food security, sewing and other light industrial areas of Chinese enterprises.  T-Engine Japan is the father of TRON which is widely used in the world. It owns the advanced embedded systems technology. Exchange at technology and cooperation between China and Japan has become a new bright spot in the seminar.

    The department heads of Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Light Industry Council, Standard Committee, Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs, Industry affairs, Japan Embassy in Beijing presented the meeting, as well as the government executives of  Beijing, Wuxi, Ningbo, Yantai and Linyi. Both Chinese and Japanese Famous experts, professors, researchers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders gave deep speech and conduct on the embedded technology development trends and cutting-edge technology, the Sino-Japanese cooperation and the application of the embedded systems market prospects.

    In the seminar, heads of Ministry of Science, Ministry of Industry and Information, National Light Industry Council delivered speeches respectively. Speeches about embedded technology were given by pr. Sakamura (superintendent of  Japan YRP Ubiquitous Computing Technology Network Institute) and Li Guojie (superintendent of ITC). During the technology display, Japanese Hitachi, Fujitsu Ltd., Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. and other companies which have demonstrated its own R & D results and practical application of embedded technology products, fully embodies the charm of embedded systems technology.

    In the seminar, Sino-Japanese cooperation about embedded systems was regard as the topic. Both sides gave their advice to the status of applications on the industry and future trends. Also, the seminar provided a platform for information exchange and communication to the Chinese and Japanese enterprises. It stimulated new business opportunities and cooperation opportunities, played a positive role in promoting Sino-Japanese embedded system technology and common development.

    During the meeting, ceremony was held for the found of CNLIC-ESAC. It was approved by CNLIC.As a subordinate body of China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC),T-Engine Forum China is an industrial organization sponsored jointly by Japan T-Engine Association, the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Household Electrical Appliance Research Institute .and formed, on a voluntary basis, by enterprises and institutions engaged in research, development, application, training, consulting, market survey and other intermediary services of embedded system in China. T-Engine Forum China is the sole cooperation unit authorized by Japan T-Engine Forum in China, and responsible for the T-Engine technology propaganda, training, the promotion and application in China.

    The establishment of the committee will effectively integrate and unite the power of domestic research and development of embedded systems, introduce international advanced embedded technology, provide a platform for both domestic and foreign cooperation and exchange about embedded systems, promote the domestic embedded systems and related technology development and industrialization.


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