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    “Digital Audio and Visual Content Integration and Distribution Platform” passed acceptance inspection
    Update time: 2009-08-19
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    On May 26, 2009, High Technology Research and Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology hosted in Beijing the acceptance meeting of the subject “Digital Audio and Visual Content Integration and Distribution Platform”, an exemplary project of generic technology support system and application in modern service industry, and a key national science and technology support project during the “11th 5-year Plan” period.  It was undertaken and led by the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS.  This is the acceptance meeting of the first subject of the first group of the “11th 5-year Plan” projects organized by Ministry of Science and Technology. Experts listened to the summary report of the subject, reviewed relevant documents, and viewed the system demonstration. After query and discussion, they came to the following opinions:
    1) The subject made a research of such core technologies as interconnection and exchange, distribution control, digital copyright protection, mass content procession of digital audio and visual contents on the platform of digital audio and visual content integration and distribution, and a digital audio and visual content integration and distribution platform easy for interconnection and exchange and capable of protecting copyright was developed. 
    2) For the subject, 30 patents were applied for, 15 software copyrights were are obtained, 1 treatise was published, and 39 academic theses were published. 
    3) The above mentioned research achievement of the subject was put on trial use at China Central Radio and TV University Audio and Visual Publishing House and other units, and achieved the expected results. 
    4) The documents submitted for acceptance review were standard and complete, and the usage of outlay was rational on the whole.
    Acceptance Expert Group deemed that the subject completed the research work stipulated in the subject assignment, and reached expected targets. Acceptance Expert Group agreed unanimously on the acceptance of the subject. 
    Experts suggested that further efforts shall be made in the in-depth research of relevant key technology in the line with application requirements in the digital audio and visual network distribution in China, so as to enrich the functions of the platform and actively promote its application in  digital media publishing and distribution industry. 

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