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    “Loongson” hand in hand with Group: China Made “Chip” Era—strategic cooperation between the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS and EVOC Group
    Update time: 2009-08-19
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    On December 8, 2008, the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with EVOC Group, a leading enterprise in China’s special computer industry, on the application of “Loongson” embedded technology at Capital Hotel Beijing. 
    At the press conference themed by “China Made Chip Era”, Mr. Chen Zhilie, Board Chairman of EVOC Group and Mr. Li Guojie, Director of the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, delivered speeches respectively on the scope of cooperation and direction for technological research, and signed the strategic cooperation agreement. The cooperation between the 2 parties symbolized the full swing march of China’s special computer domain towards “China Made”, and from then on, the scientific and technological level of China entered a new era. 
    The Institute is a first class leading research institute in China in computer area. It successfully developed China’s first general purpose digital computer and, formed the R&D base of high performance computer. Beside, it is the birthplace of “Loongson” CPU, the 1st general purpose CUP chip in China. Mr. Li Guojie, Academician and Director of the Institute, remarked that the development of “Loongson” is an important embodiment of the enhancement of China’s capability of independent innovation. The focus of scientific research of the Institute is not only to enhance the capability to realize breakthroughs in core technology, but also to speed up the process of industrialization.  Through the strategic cooperation with EVOC Group, the Institute will strengthen the application of “Loongson” in embedded industry and further promote the development of “Loongson” industrialization. 
    The Institute pays high attention to the industrialization of “Loongson”. Apart from CPU, the industrial chain of “Loongson” CPU involves many links such as chipset, main board, operating system, application software, system integration, service, etc. As a result, the Institute has been following the thinking of “core enhancement and industry radiation” in the industrialization of “Loongson”, closely cooperating with downstream enterprises through construction of industrialization base, technology transfer or authorization, in order to form a sizable industrial cluster, free from the status of being controlled by others, and make it into a national strategic product. At present, “Loongson” CPU is under full swing promotion in many key areas involving information and network security.
    EVOC Group, a leading company in special computer industry in China, is the only listed companies in the industry. From chip to card, module, whole machine and embedded system, EVOC has fully integrated all the advanced technologies independently developed by China, possesses the international level research and development strength, and has completely independent IPR of its products and technologies. Currently, EVOC Group is guiding and drafting the national standard for industrial computer, to establish the Chinese industry standard capable of competing in the world.
    It is under such circumstances that the Institute of Computing Technology and EVOC Group carried out strategic cooperation, and both companies enjoy great complementarities in terms of general purpose processor industrial chain. It is known that EVOC has launched a number of “Loongson” CPU technology based embedded products which are the first of their respective type in the world, such as “Loongson” 2E  wide temperature earthquake resistant vehicle mounted computer, “Loongson” 2F PC104 architecture embedded computer, “Loongson” 2E 1U 19" standard rack mounting  network security complete machine, “Loongson” 2E 4-port network application main board and other types of high efficiency and low energy consumption new products. 
    Upon signing the strategic partnership agreement of cooperation, both parties will conduct more in-depth cooperation in the area of high performance embedded computer to create more top level products. The association between these 2 parties, both strong, will surely lead to the “chip” era in embedded area and usher in a new page of “China Made”.

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