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    Dawning 5000A made its way into Top 10 super computers in the world
    Update time: 2009-08-19
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    On November 17, 2008, Dawning 5000A, with a peak velocity of 230 TeraOPs and a Linpack value of 180 TeraOPs, ranked among the top ten in the World TOP 500 high performance computer list just publicly announced. It is a cluster super computer jointly developed by National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems under the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, Dawning Information Industry Co.  Ltd, Beijing, and Shanghai Supercomputer Center, and was custom developed by Dawning Information Industry Co. Ltd, Beijing. It makes China into the 2nd country capable of developing and producing super hundreds TeraOPs super computer in the world, and in the meantime, wins the title of the largest general purpose high performance computing platform for Shanghai Supercomputer Center. 
    TOP500 is the most authoritative list of super computers all over the world initiated by Mr. Hans Meuer and Mr. Erich Strohmaier at University of Mannheim, Germany, in 1993. TOP 500 ranks super computer systems by their Linpack values and the list is announced twice a year. As the application of high performance computer stands for the highest level of a country’s computer R&D and application, it is able to pinpoint to a country’s strength of scientific research in high performance computing. Therefore, the status of China’s fastest high performance computer in TOP 500 list stands for the highest level of development in high performance computing domain of our country.  The best ever score achieved by China was “No. 10”with Dawning 4000A, which was developed in 2004 and deployed in Shanghai Supercomputer Center. At 2004 ISC Conference, 4000A, co-developed by the Institute of Computing Technology and Dawning Information Industry Co.  Ltd, Beijing, marched historically into TOP 10 with the test Linpack value of 11.2 TeraOPs. However, due to the huge gap in the application level of high performance computers at that time between China and foreign countries, and the whole world’s focus on the development of super computers, in the following years, China’s high performance computer never entered TOP 10. Dawning 5000A’s standing out from among the large number of superior computers and ranking among Top 10 in 2008 signifies the real beginning of China’s standing at the highest peak in high performance computer area all over the world. 
    The first set of super large system of Dawning 5000A is expected to settle in Shanghai Supercomputer Center in the beginning of 2009. It is known that this system has been formally named by Shanghai Supercomputer Center as “Magic Cube”. Various applications in multiple areas will be conducted in due course. As a grid super server oriented at the significant demands of national economic construction and social development, Dawning 5000A is capable of conducting various large scale scientific engineering calculation and commercial calculation. Apart from playing an important role in large scale scientific engineering calculation, it can also offer services in large scale commercial calculation for securities, tax, bank, post, social security and other industries, e-government and e-business.  In terms of large scale information service, it can play a role in various gaming website, portal website, information center, data center, streaming media center, telecommunication switch center and large scale enterprise information center. Especially for centralized application of mass memory based data, Dawning 5000 grid super server, which is fully compatible with 32 digit calculation and has 64 digit address space, can play an important role.  
    Dawning 5000A brings China to the top of the world in the area of high performance computer once again. Carrying so many ideals of China’s high performance computer circle, it is not only China’s pride in high performance computer technology, but also the model for China’s commercialization of high performance computer after Dawning 4000.  The successful development of Dawning 5000A and its ranking among the world’s TOP10 testifies China’s originality once again.

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