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    Research Center for Pervasive Computing (RCPC) realized low cost informatization trial at Beigou Village, Huairou District
    Update time: 2009-08-19
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    On July 9, “Unveiling Ceremony for Villagers’ Low Cost Access to Internet and Digital Homeland” was held in Beigou Village, Bohai Town, which is the first trial village in Huairou District for the low cost informatization project of the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS.  Mr. Li Guojie, Director of the Institute of Computing Technology and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, participated in the ceremony and delivered a speech. Mr. Li Hong, Deputy Dean of the Municipal Information Office of Beijing, and Mr. Wang Shilong, Standing Member of Huairou District Committee of CCP and Executive Deputy District Mayor, unveiled the “Digital Homeland” of Beigou Village. Leaders from the District Commission for Public Information, Women’s Federation, Science and Technology Commission, Council of Agriculture and other units concerned attended the unveiling ceremony. 
    Located in mountains, Huairou has a fairly large mountainous area, and villages are scattered over the region. As a result, generations upon generations of villagers have been faced with such issues as high cost and great difficulty for data access to village and to home, blocked data transmission, etc. To further promote the informatization construction in the rural regions and pass on the information leading to prosperity to the large number of villagers, at the beginning of 2008, RCPC under the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS started from solving the problems of  high cost internet access, low bandwidth and asymmetry between upward and download link for wireless access, and came up with the overall solution of completing nodes between “Loongson”  ReSC server and new-type wireless network. Meanwhile, with the support of Huairou District Government Information Center, it made coordinated utilization of software company resources, and launched the pilot project of “Low Cost Informatization and Wireless Network to Home in Rural Areas” at Beigou village.  The Party Branch of Beigou Village and Village Committees raised over 200,000 yuan as subsidy to peasants’ purchase of computers, and on average, 1 computer was configured for each household. On May 1, the wireless network covering the whole village was launched. Villagers were able to access the internet via wireless network, which greatly lowered the cost for internet access.  Various applications based on RCPC’s “Loongson” ReSC server were also launched in Beigou Village, including “Movable Digital Library”, Beigou Village “On-Line Doctor” and other featured services, which brought genuine benefits of the internet to the villagers. Meanwhile, RCPC assisted the Party Branch and Village Committee to train villagers on computer knowledge, on how to acquire information from the internet and how to release information on the internet, so that they may be good at using computers. 
    At the unveiling ceremony, leaders expressed their congratulations upon the success of the pilot project of low cost internet access in Beigou Village.  Mr. Li Guojie, Director of the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, highly evaluated the advantages of Beigou pattern of low cost internet access, and deemed it as an effective way to solve the problem of difficulty in information to household in rural areas.  Meanwhile, he introduced in simple terms some technical breakthroughs achieved by the Institute in this project. Mr. Li Hong, Deputy Dean of the Municipal Information Office fully acknowledged the achievements in Huairou’s informatization wrok, and hoped that Huairou District will further strengthen rural informatization construction and enable the “affordable, available and desirable” usage of internet by the villagers. Huairou District Government asked cadres at various levels throughout the district to further improve their notion, learn from and summarize the experience of Beigou Village, popularize the pattern of low cost internet access, and enable more villagers to access and utilize the internet following the guideline of resources sharing.


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