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    Mr. Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS inspected the Institute of Computing Technology and gave guidance over its work.
    Update time: 2009-08-19
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    On the afternoon of May 30, President Lu Yongxiang visited the Institute of Computing Technology. Along with him for the visit were Mr. Tan Tieniu, Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Jiang Xiezhu, Director of the General Office, Mr. Tian Jing, Director of the Bureau of High Technology Research and Development, and Mr. Xiang Guoying, Executive Vice Secretary of Party Committee and Deputy Dean of Beijing Branch.
    President Lu first listened to the work report of Mr. Li Guojie, Director of the Institute of Computing Technology. Mr. Li made a report to the group led by President Lu about the achievements made by the Institute over the past 2 years in “Chaolong”program, “Loongson” industrialization, low cost informatization and next generation network, its focus of work during the “11th 5-Year Plan” period, construction of key laboratory for basic research, progress in the branch of the Institute of Computing Technology, progress in the trial reform of management and overall supporting system of the Institute. Next he raised several issues for which he would like to get the support of Academy leaders. After that, the group headed by President Lu visited Micro Processor Research Center, National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems, Network Science and Technological Research Center, Key Laboratory of Computer System and Architecture, and other scientific research entities. Through the introduction of research staff, President Lu gained detailed information about achievements in scientific research of “Loongson”, “Dawning”, information security and wireless network, and fully affirmed the Institute’s efforts at condensing targets for scientific research and the significant core technology it obtained over the past several years. 
    President Lu mentioned at the seminar that the Institute of Computing Technology not only made great achievements in the research of such key technology as “Loongson” and “Dawning”, but also paid close attention to innovations in knowledge, mechanism and management. He praised the “Network” layout implemented by the Institute, which was in line with the pattern of development of application oriented research institutes. In the meantime, he emphasized the importance of centralizing resources, strengthening the Institute itself, supporting network construction with talented personnel and knowledge, and absorbing from time to time the innovative information transmitted from the application end. Furthermore, he hopes that the Institute of Computing Technology may enhance exchange and cooperation within and outside the Institute, pay attention to cross research with other subjects, build up network for cooperation, and complete the value chain for technical innovation in the course of its own development. 
    President Lu mentioned that he thought of visiting the Institute 2 weeks ago, when the earthquake took place in Wenchuan, Sichuan province. He fully affirmed the contributions made by the Institute to disaster relief, remarking that the Institute not only participated in the construction of broadband wireless network but also delivered “Loongson” computers to people in the disaster stricken area, and in the meantime, actively donated money and materials, applied its knowledge and made various efforts to help the people there. He hopes that the Institute will continue to orient itself towards national strategic demands and the forefront of science in the world as ever, and enhance the capability for innovation in computer science and technology, so as to make greater contributions to China’s economic construction, social development and national security. Mr. Lu also underscored the importance of informatization in reforming industrialization, lowering per unit GDP energy consumption, lowering per unit GDP emission, enhancing China’s capability for development and improving the quality of national economy. 
    Mr. Lu also raised his hopes: the Institute shall continue to reform, blaze new trails and march on while maintaining its fairly good momentum of development, grab the lead not only in CAS but more importantly, in domestic computer science and technology as a leader and model, and well equip itself to challenge the world’s leading edge in some areas. It shall not only make achievements in innovation in science, technology and mechanism, but also actively absorb good resources available from the outside world. He highlighted the importance of “introduction” in helping the development within a short period of time with innovative ideas and methods. 
    President Lu remarked at the end that the Institute shall beef up its efforts in innovation and development while continuing to contribute to disaster relief, and turn the enlightenment shed on us by the earthquake, the spirit of unity and working with one heart aroused by the earthquake and the strength of rebuilding into the impetus for knowledge and technology innovation.



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