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    Working and Life Guidance for Foreign Scholars in ICT
    Author: admin
    Update time: 2016-01-05
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    Welcome to Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science (hereinafter refer to as ICT). Your life here will create a new page of excellence while ICT will enjoy more prosperity due to your contribution.


    With the development of international academic communication and cooperation, increasing foreign scholars visit and work in ICT. Therefore, we hereby prepare this guidance for introducing the necessary procedures for academic visit and the service we can provide, in the hope of providing convenience to foreign scholars.


    ICT pays attention to each foreign scholar and we sincerely hope that the useful information in this guidance will be effective in helping you to get better understanding of ICT. We wish you enjoy smooth work, fruitful achievement and happy life in ICT.




    1. Welcome to Beijing


    1.1 About Beijing: E-Beijing (http://www.ebeijing.gov.cn/) is the comprehensive website for external dissemination and service. In this website, you could get the comprehensive understanding about Beijing.


    1.2 Searching Information: you may visit the Public Service Center of E-Beijing for searching your interested information. The link is as below:



    1.3 Map Searching: http://www.beijingmap.gov.cn/ditu/


    1.4 Emergent Telephone Number:

    Beijing Municipal Policy Office Service Hotline: 110

    Beijing Municipal Police Office Entrance & Exit Administration Team Service Hotline: 84015300

    Fax: 84015320

    Beijing Municipal Police Office Entrance & Exit Administration Office: 84020101

    Beijing Municipal Police Office Fire-Fighting Service: 119

    Beijing Municipal Urgent Medical Service Hotline: 120

    Beijing Municipal Traffic Accident Service Hotline: 122

    In case that foreign citizens use their mobile phone number from their countries to dial the Emergent Service Hotlines, such as “110, 119, 120 and 122”, please dial “0086-10-“ before the hotline number. The operation may charge you the roaming charge.


    1.5 Other security service: please refer the Foreigner Security Service Manual.


    2. Welcome to ICT


    2.1 About ICT


    2.1.1 Our Purpose

    ICT is a national scientific research organization that engages in researching into scientific discoveries and technical innovation in the field of information technology. By transferring own technologies, cultivating outstanding talents and disseminating advanced culture, ICT aims to provide the fundamental, strategic, pioneering and major innovative contribution to the economic development, national security and social sustainable development in China


    2.1.2 Our responsibility.

    In the new historical age of Innovation 2020, ICT devotes to developing computing technology subjects, including computer system, network and smart technology. The industrial Hi-Tech research and development cover the complete value chain from academic research, technological innovation and industrialization to technology application. In the coming 10 years, ICT’s responsibility and value is to serve as the irreplaceable procedure in information industry value chain, for the sake of contributing key technology and system to Chinese information industry.


    2.1.3 Our core value and culture idea

    ICT, by strictly keeping to core value of “researching into national technology difficulties and innovating to create welfare for the people” and the core idea of “justice, tolerance and independence” enhanced during the innovation projects of ICT, building the culture idea of “Developing from good to excellent” in the new age, enhancing the harmonious and endeavoring atmosphere of “Grand ICT” and advocating the idea that “every staff is a talent while every people is happy”, tries to make it become the socially recognized major source for guiding the information industry and information computing technology in China, for the sake of promoting it to be an internationally first-rated institute.


    2.1.4 Our Development Strategy

    One of the important task of Innovation 2020 of ICT is to require institute to determine its “1,3,5”, namely the 1 position, 3 major breakthroughs and five major cultivation directions.

    The 1 position in Innovation 2020 of ICT is that: ICT’s subject position is computing technology, including computer system, network and smart technology; ICT’s nature position is industrial hi-tech technology, covering the whole value chain from academic research, technology innovation and industrialization to technology application; ICT’s task position is to serve as the irreplaceable procedure in information industry value chain, for the sake of contributing key technology and system to Chinese information industry in the coming 10 years; ICT’s target position is to become the socially recognized major source for guiding the information industry and information computing technology in China, for the sake of promoting it to be an internationally first-rated institute.

    The three major breakthroughs are to the finish major scientific research outcomes during the 12th Five-Year Plan. The research field covers terminal, network and cloud as well as the basic platform layer in next generation information technology. The terminal refers the front terminals such as computer and mobile devices; network refers to web net, internet, wireless communication network and wireless sensor network; cloud means the high performance computer, server, storage, processor and platform software in backstage. The three major breakthrough is to develop Loongson, Sugon and DragonNet brands, as they stand for the important plans in terminal, cloud and network.

    The five major cultivation directions are data storage technology, future internet, future mobile communication, smart phone and major information application. The first three of them are to pursue the subversive technological innovations in the field of cloud, network and terminal. The development of fourth direction focuses on the profound smart information processing technology, which, based on the breakthrough point of computing-oriented subject direction system structure, develops the smart phone system of new industrial potential. The fifth direction is information application based in integrated technology, for the sake of more closely related to and understand the requirements for the economic building in China


    2.2 All Functional Department of ICT


    2.2.1 Scientific Research Department

    Scientific Research Department is an execution organization under the administration of ICT Managing Committee, as well as the executor and promoter for the working decision determined by ICT Managing Committee. It represents the ICT Managing Committee to plan, organize, coordinate and manage the necessary activities related to scientific research in ICT. In addition, it provides necessary service and support to all researchers in fulfilling their tasks and standardizes all scientific researches within ICT.


    2.2.2 Technology Development Department

    The Technology Development Department, by following the up-to-date requirements for ICT, based on national requirement and market-oriented direction, accelerates technology transfer, promotes the utilization of advanced technology in updating traditional industries and accelerate the industrialization, optimization and re-construction of hi-tech industries, for the sake of promoting technology innovation within enterprise, improving competitiveness of enterprise, guaranteeing the in depth and breadth development among industrial application, academic research and technology developments and researching into new system for technology transfer in new age.


    2.2.3 Scientific Support Center

    The Scientific Support Center, as an execution organization under the administration of ICT Managing Committee, is responsible for building the scientific research supporting system for the whole ICT, including public scientific research supporting platform, public EDA design platform, integrated circuit public resource database, ICT LAN environment, ICT Informationalization, Journals and Book Database Management. Besides, it’s responsible for issuing the academic journals, such as Journal of Computer Research and Development, Chinese Journal of Computers, Journal of Computer Science and Technology and Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics.


    2.2.4 General Office

    The General Office, as the center hub of ICT, represents the image for the external liaison of ICT and is the window for internal communication. It serve as the general, coordination, management and service function.


    2.2.5 Fund & Asset Management Office

    The Fund & Asset Management Office, based on national financial policies, is responsible for the economic accounting, executing financial measures, building asset management system, improving financial management skill, making better utilization of different funds, keeping value of asset and increasing the value of asset.


    2.2.6 Human Resource Department

    Based on the principle of “Making better use of existed talents, maintaining major talents, bringing in urgent talents and cultivating future talents”, Human Resource Department tries to provide powerful talents and functional departments to the execution of ICT’s strategic target and strengthening of technology innovation team building.


    2.2.7 Postgraduate Department

    The Postgraduate Department is an education management department under the administration of ICT Managing Committee and ICT Party Committee for executing the postgraduate student education decision from Degree Determination Committee and Education Guiding Team.


    3. Notices before arriving.


    3.1 Confirm the inviting party and contact person

    Please conform the inviter in ICT as well as his department and contact information before entering China. In case of any question during your visit, please contact your inviter or contact persons.

    In case that you are post-doctor, please contact the staffs in post-doctor after receiving the post-doctor registration notice from Post-Doctor Center in ICT for confirming the required material. Meanwhile, please confirm the working VISA with director of Foreign Affair Department in ICT.

    Contact Information for Post-Doctor Center in ICT: Mr. Song, 010-62600450, songsl@ict.ac.cn

    Contact Information for Director of Foreign Affair Department: Ms. Yang, 10-62601112, yangjia@ict.ac.cn


    3.2 VISA



    3.3 Insurance

    Please purchase the appropriate commercial business insurance before entering China to guarantee your safety and healthy outside China


    4. Notices after arrival


    4.1 Notice related to work


    Sign Agreement

    1. In case that you need to work in ICT for over 3 months, you need to sign the three party agreement with ICT and your inviter to bind the obligation and rights of all parties and submit your personal information to Human Resource Department (including the photocopy of your passport)

    2. Procedure: require your inviter to confirm all information to the Human Resource Department of ICT for processing the procedures

    3. Notice: please guarantee that your passport is legal and effective.


    Apply for Entrance Guard Card

    Usage: for entering ICT all office buildings and offices.

    Procedure: submit the application and personal information to Platform of Office Administration (POA) of ICT. The General Office will handle this application. The progress of application will be assisted by the secretary of your department and the contact person at your department.


    Library Card

    Usage: to borrow books from ICT Library

    Procedure: Please apply for it in ICT library personally. You may personally apply for it or commission it to the secretary of your department.


    Collect Office Device and Supply

    The position, computer, pen, paper and other necessary office supply, will be collected by the secretary of your department.


    Account Of POA

    Usage: to login the POA

    Procedure: visit POA for registration. Your secretary will follow the procedure. Before leaving ICT, please inform your secretary, so that she could help you to cancel this account


    Apply for ICT Email Account

    Your department secretary will help you in applying for the ICT email account. Before leaving, please inform your secretary, so that he could help you to cancel the email account.


    Batch printing and photocopying

    There as Printing Center in the basement of office building to fulfill such requirement. Tel: 010-62600118


    Name Card

    You may print your name card in the Printing Center in the basement of ICT (Tel: 010-62600118). You may also ask your department secretary to help you printing the name card.


    Send and receive mails

    The Basement of the Office Building in ICT is the comprehensive service center. Generally speaking , the department secretary will collect and send mails of the whole department.


    The Address of ICT

    Address: Room XX, Floor XX, XXX Department, ICT, No.6 South Academy of Science Road Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing.

    Postal Code: 100190

    Reception Office: 010-62600114

    General Office: 010-62601119


    Raycom Card

    Usage: For the consumption in Refectory and Supermarket in Rongke A Building and C Building, as well as in Supermarket in the basement of ICT. You may apply for it personally or require your secretary to apply for it.

    Issued by: Raycom Asset Management

    Procedure: apply for it in Finance Office in Raycom Center or as your secretary to help with this application.


    All-in-One Card

    Usage: for the consumption in basement supermarket and having nutrition meals; apply for it personally.

    Issue by: ICT

    Procedure: apply for it in the Comprehensive Service Center in Basement of ICT (Tel: 010-62600106)



    In case that you work in ICT consecutively for over 3 months, your salary will be basically issued by Human Resource Department by month. the 3rd day of each month the salary issuing day. According to Tax Law of China, the individual income tax from foreigner will be counted from 4800 RMB. Your salary above 4800 will need to pay the individual income tax and will be paid by ICT on behalf of you.

    The salary issuing affair will be executed after your department director has confirmed it with staffs in Human Resource Department.


    Service Fee

    In case that you don’t work in ICT for over 3 consecutive months, your department will issues the service fee to you based on your contribution. There is no regular time for issuing service fee and it can be applied in any time. The service fee will need to pay personal income tax and ICT will pay for this tax on behalf of you.

    The Service Fee will need your department to make application to Fund & Asset Department


    Communicate with the Secretary

    There is a secretary in each scientific research entity in ICT. In case that you encounter any issues during your service in ICT, please contact your secretary who will help you to contact the corresponding department for solving your issues.

    In case that you fail to communicate with your secretary with your secretary, please contact you’re your inviter to arrange another secretary to help you in communication.


    VISA Renewal

    Please inform the director of Foreign Affair Department through email for whether to renew your visa 4 month before the expiry of your visa. The director of Foreign Affair Department will tell you the procedures to follow based on your situation.


    4.2 Items related to life



    Refectory: Underground Canteen in Rongke Building A and Building C provide buffet lunch. You may choose your favorite foods here. The canteen only accept payment from Rongke Card.

    The Nutrition Meal Bar in ICT: it provide both lunch and dinner service at the price of 18 and 23 RMB. The dinner can be ordered according to menu. The ICT Nutrition Meal Bar accepts three kinds of payment: All-in-one Card, and cash in RMB

    Restaurants nearby: they provide different kinds of Chinese dishes to meet your requirement. Note: for the safety and health issue, please be careful in choosing these restaurants.



    1. Rent Dormitory

    ICT provides Youth Dormitory, Software Garden Apartment and Sanye Dormitory. However, they are all in short supply. Please contract the inviter to help you in apply for dormitory.

    2. Rent Commercial Apartment.

    You may rent apartment yourself. Generally speaking, the apartments in Beijing offer rent in terms of a year or half a year. You may try to find your favorite apartment through different house agents and sign lease agreement with them. In case that you rent apartment through this way, after signing the house lease agreement, you need to register the lease contract with your personal information in Police Office Zhongguancun Branch.


    Some House Agents:

      5i5j (Zhongguancun Store): No.7 South Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, 010-82673083.

    Golden Keys (Zhuangguancun Academy of Science Store): No.2 South Zhonguancun Academy of Science Road, Haidian District, Beijing. 010-82661590

    Policy Office Zhongguancun Branch: No. A5, Nansan Street, Zhongguancun.



    In case that you need a short term stay, you may choose to stay in hotel. Within 3 km of ICT, there are several hotels:

      Park Plaza Beijing Science Park Hotel: No 25 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Tel: 010-52879025

      Jade Palace Hotel: No. 76, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing, Tel: 010-60601881

      Crowne Plaza Hotel: No.106, Zhichun Road 106, Haidian District, Beijing. 010-59938888

    Wuke Hotel: (Inside Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Science) No. 8 Nansan Street Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing. Tel: 010-82649140



    1. Staff living in the ICT Software Garden Dormitory could take ICT bus to go to work and leave office.

    2. Subway Stations around ICT

       No.10 Subway line Zhichunli Station (walk towards the Zhicun Road from the East Gate of ICT)
       No. 4 Subway Line Haidian Huangzhuang Station (outside the New Zhonguan East Gate)
    3. Public bus: Check the public bus lines by visiting Beijing Bus Website: http://beijing.8684.cn/


    Bank Card

    Pleas apply for the bank card at the counter of bank with your effective passport. Since the salary of ICT will be issued to bank card of ICBC, it’s recommended that you apply for a bank card from ICBC.


    The ICBC branch around ICT: Xinkexiangyuan, No.15, South Academy of Science Road, Haidian District. Tel: (010)82522043.


    Credit Card


    Generally, Chinese banks won’t accept the credit card application from foreigners. However, in case that you work or study in Beijing, you could apply for credit card from bank. Furthermore, different banks have different requirements on credit card. It could be that some banks accept credit card application from foreigner while others don’t accept. We hereby provide some credit card center contract in below:

    Credit Card Center of Minsheng Bank: 010-82133668-3601



    Medical Service

    1. You may register online before going to hospital (http://www.bjguahao.gov.cn/comm/index.html).


    2. The hospital near ICT

    ICT Clinic: Floor 3 in White Building besides ICT.

    Zhongguancun Hospital: No.12 South Zhongguancun Road Haidian District, Beijing (Around 200 m west from the cross in the Southwest corner of ICT)

    Peking University Third Hospital: No. 49 North Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing. (Take the No. 10 Subway and get off in Xitucheng Station; walk around 800m towards north). Tel: 010-82266699

    3. Notes on Receiving Medical Service

      Please take your effective passport with you.

      It’s recommended that you come with a friend who speak Chinese well to hospital. In case that you have to go to hospital alone, please prepare a paper with introduction about your symptom and your expected department for registration.



    The pharmacies around ICT

    Tongrentang (TRT) South Science Road Store: located in the first floor of Xinkexiangyuan Building in west to ICT (it offers night service).

    Tongrentang (TRT) Zhongguancun Grand Street Store: Zhongguancun Shopping Mall, No.15 Zhongguancun Grand Street, Haidian District, Beijing. (next to Haidian Grand street)



    1. Service offered by ICT

    There are Ping-Pong tables on the basement of Office Building.

    A Badminton Courtyard in the platform of Floor 2

    Place for Yoga and Taiji on Floor 14

    2. CSI-Bally Total Fitness located in the basement of Building C of Rongke Consultation Center in the north of ICT provides paid service with professional fitting devices. It would be among your gym choices. Tel: 010-82861881

    3. Outdoor Swimming Pool of Chinese Academy of Science (located in the front of Rongke Consultation Center Building C) will be open in summer. It needs to buy tickets.


    Associations in ICT

    Badminton Association; contact: Zhang Jin, zhangjin@ict.ac.cn

    Ping-Pong Association; Contact: Liu Junfa; liujunfa@ict.ac.cn

    Art Association; Contact: Shi Xinxin; shixinxin@ict.ac.cn;

    Taiji Association; Contact: Li Ling; liling@ict.ac.cn

    Photography Association; Contact: Yang Feng; yf@ict.ac.cn;

    Football Association; Contract: Zhang Lei; zlei@ict.ac.cn;


    Shopping and Leisure

    Within the Zhongguancun Business Circle located to the south of ICT (Southwest of ICT, on the Zhongguancun Grand Street), there are Carrefour, CSF Market, Gate New Zhongguan Shopping Mall and La Vita Shopping Mall. In addition, there are Mega Box Cinema and Jiayu Jinyu Cinema. For detail address, please visit E-Beijing for checking E-Map (http://www.beijingmap.gov.cn/ditu/)


    Schools for Chinese Language

    The Global Village School (地球村)


    Address: 5th Floor, Huaqing Business building, Chengfu Road. Haidian District, Beijing


    Sinoland College


    Address: North 20th Floor, Yingu Building , 9 West of North 4th Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing




    Address :No.6 Kexueyuan South Road Zhongguancun,Haidian District Beijing,China
    Postcode :100190 Tel : (8610)62601166 Email : office@ict.ac.cn