Research Areas
  • Microprocessor
    Controlled by microprocessors, modern information systems are developing toward greater speed and efficiency in completing vital computing tasks. Recognizing that advances in microprocessors will set the trend in the integration of cutting-edge semiconductors, ICT research in this area targets solving microprocessor problems in the Post-Moore era. Current issues involving energy-efficient architecture, design methodology and compiling techniques are paramount in ICT research.
  • Computer System
    Research themes in our institute’s Computer System Research Department cover open-source chips and computer systems, high-throughput manycore processor architectures and computer systems, high performance computers, and intelligent computer systems and architectures.
  • Network
    ICT’s Network Research Department is dedicated to building next-generation information infrastructure and to constructing a comprehensive testbed of Information Superbahn. To achieve these goals, innovative research and demonstrative applications are being fostered in the key directions of system software, access network and backbone networking.
  • Data Science
    With big data technology revolutionizing modern lifestyles through its valuable use in the digital economy, medical fields and e-education to name a few, the Data Science research department of ICT, CAS is dedicated to utilizing big data analysis for better human decision-making and social welfare. Since data-driven intelligence algorithms and deep learning have had a transformative impact on AI tasks, scientific breakthroughs and industrial management, improvements in data technology are called for to ensure algorithm reliability..
  • Artificial Intelligence
    The trend of AI is toward Model-based services to manage complexity. Moving from the general AI infrastructure to the construction of “AI+” systems necessitates closing gaps across disciplines, across semantics, and across scenarios. Meeting the challenges of intelligent model infrastructure, the new generation of intelligent systems is building an AI+ system technical support platform and creating a new generation of intelligent system application models.