Journal of Computer Research and Development

Founded in 1958, the Journal of Computer Research and Development is the first academic journal in the area of computer science and technology in China. The journal is sponsored by the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and China Computer Federation (CCF). It is indexed in many authoritative indexing systems, including Ei, Scopus, CSCD, CSTPCD, CNKI, etc. It is rated as Class T1 in the High-Quality Scientific Journals Classification Catalogue in Computing Field of China, and is recommended as Class A in the List of Chinese Science and Technology Journals by CCF.

The Journal of Computer Research and Development focuses on major technical breakthroughs and theoretical innovations driven by application demands in the computer field. The original work and papers that contribute to academic or industrial ecology are encouraged. Its scope covers all the aspects concerning computer science and technology, such as computer architecture, software technology, information security, network technology, artificial intelligence, computer applications, and so on.