Microprocessor Technology Research Center (MTRC)

Date: Jun 07, 2023
  • The Microprocessor Technology Research Center (MTRC), which originated from the Loongson Research Group, is mainly engaged in research on Loongson series high-performance general-purpose CPU chips, SoCs and related technologies.

  • MTRC has a regular staff of 13, including 5 research professors, 5 associate research professors, 3 assistant professors, one distinguished young scholar of the National Nature Science Fund. Currently MTRC has 63 graduate students.

  • Main research fields  
  • High performance processing:high-performance processor architecture, IP and SoC design technology, processor verification and test technology, performance analysis and evaluation of processor, processor microarchitecture security, low power processor technology, and high-speed signal transmission technology.
  • Fundamental co-optimization between software and hardware:technology for binary translation, kernel optimization, compiler optimization, and virtual machine and virtualization.
  • Domain specific processor and IP design:processor design for specific applications, IP design for specific application accelerator.

  • Research achievements 
  • Building upon years of expertise in R&D and application popularization,MTRC since 2002 has worked with Chinese semiconductor company Longsoon Technology, beginning with the Loongson-1 series CPU and its IP, orienting embedded system application; then developing the Loongson-2 series CPU and its IP, orienting high-end embedded and desktop application, and later the Loongson-3 series multi-core CPU for server and high-performance computer application. MTRC’s research hallmarks include:
  • Loongson-1 in 2002: China’s first general-purpose processor
  • Loongson-2B in 2003: the country’s first 64-bit general-purpose processor
  • Loongson-2E  in 2006:  the first processor with 1GHz frequency in China
  • Loongson-3A1000 in 2009:   the first multi-core general-purpose processor in China