Intelligent Processor Research Center

Date: May 26, 2023
  • The aims of the Intelligent Processor Research Center are cutting-edge exploration of artificial intelligence and advanced development of computer architecture. Our team in collaboration with international  scholars proposed the world’s first deep learning processor architecture, and our academic papers about the breakthrough won the best paper awards from ASPLOS and MICRO. At present, our team has 3 researchers, 6 associate researchers/senior engineers, and more than 40 people with junior professional titles. We are the first and only Asian team to win the prize in international top conferences of computer architecture thus far, and are creating a hot direction of deep learning processors internationally. In the 2016-2018 ISCA, nearly one-fourth of the papers cited our research. Our award-winning center continues its drive to innovate by building a strong research team and intensely investigating developments in AI and computing.

  • Main research directions
  • Computer architecture, artificial intelligence
  • Highlights
  • (1)Second prize of the National Natural Science Award in 2020
  • (2)World’s first deep learning processor “Cambricon-1”
  • (3)MICRO-47 “Best Paper Award”
  • (4)ASPLOS 2014 “Best Paper Award”
  • (5)Science magazine report
  • (6)Cited in the deep learning classic textbook co-written by deep learning pioneer and 2018 Turing award winner Yoshua Bengio
  • (7)Snapshot of intelligent computing systems class
  • Director: Qi Guo
  • Contact: (010)62600607