HAN YinheProfessor
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Computer Architecture;Big Chips;Domain-Specific Intelligent Computer
Research Center For Intelligent Computing Systems
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Dr. Han is currently a Professor at ICT, CAS. His main research interests are computer architecture, microprocessor design, chiplet, on-board and industry Intelligent Computers. In these research fields, he has published 100 papers, including ISCA, HPCA, DAC, TCAS-I, TC etc., and obtained 50 patents. He is a Senior Member of the Chinese Computer Federation (CCF) and the director of Technical Committee of Fault Tolerant Computing. He served on the technical program committees of several top conferences. He was awarded the second prize of the 2012 National Technology Invention Award of China, and was funded by the Outstanding Youth Program of the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2020.