Mr. Phil Rogers Gave a Technical Report on Heterogeneous System Architecture

Date: Jul 16, 2012

The President of HAS Foundation, AMD Corporate Fellow Phil Rogers gave a technical report on titled as “Heterogeneous System Architecture – Platform for the Future” on July11th in the Conference Hall, 4th floor of ICT. The talk was hosted by Associate Researcher of Computer Systems Laboratory Mr. RuiHou.

Phil discussed the exciting developments surrounding the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) since its unveiling last year and also explained the HAS Foundation and its role in building the software ecosystem for HAS.

Firstly, Phil pointed thatHeterogeneous System should experience four stages presented as Physical Integration, Optimized Platforms, Architectural Integration and System Integration, in addition a Heterogeneous System should have unified coherent memory. Then the advantages of Heterogeneous System on both performance and power efficiency were illustrated by two scenarios Haar Face Detection and Memcached Key Lookup. A Java acceleration solution APARAPI was also be introduced.Later on Phil demonstrated the existing software and hardware structure ofHSA and AMD Bolt C++ Template Parallel Library. At last Phil looked into the future of heterogeneous systems, and he considered that parallel processing should be accessible to mainstream developers.

After the report, attendees discussed about the trends of Heterogeneous System and their future.