Prof. Robby Findler Gave a Technical Report on“Macros matter: effectively building lots of programming languages”

Date: Jun 19, 2012

Robby Findler is currently an Associate Professor at Northwestern University, and received his PhD from Rice University in 2002. His research area is programming languages and he focuses on programming environments, software contracts, and tools for modeling operational semantics. He maintains DrRacket, the program development environment for the programming language Racket and he co-authored the book “How to Design Programs”, a textbook for teaching introductory programming.

Invited by Chenggang Wu, Associate Professor of Key Laboratory of Computer System and Architecture,Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof Robby Findler gave a report on “Macro matter: effectively building lots of programing languages” on June 15,2012. The report calculated on 10:30AM at Room 446.

In this talk, Prof. Robby Findler gave a high-level overview of the myriad of programming languages that Racket supports, as well as an overview of the research area of macros. Prof. Kindler used example programs to introduce the related work clearly, which make everyone who participating the report having a more profound understanding.Prof. Kindler introduced the new way to build programming languages, by macro systems. This method starts from existing programming languages, while still providing the flexibility to radically change the syntax and semantics of the programming languages. By the form of question and answer, the atmosphere of the talk was always being active.How time fly! One hour passed quickly, Prof. Robby Findler finished his report in the applause.

After the talk, attendees carried out lively discussion on related issues. Thanks to Prof. Robby Findler brought us this excellent talk.