CArch Seminar on Soft Errors and Reliability

Date: Nov 17, 2011

On Nov 15, 2011, the first academic seminar of State Key laboratory of Computer Architecture (CArch) was held in room 446 of the ICT building. This seminar, which focused on soft error and reliability, was chaired by Prof. Huawei Li. Three famous researchers, Dr. Shi-Jie Wen from Cisco Systems Inc. USA, Prof. Bharat Bhuva from Vanderbilt University, and Prof. Li Chen from University of Saskatchewan were invited to give talks in this seminar. Their talks gave extensive introductions on cross layer reliability towards self healing, soft errors in 40 and 28 nm technologies, radiation- and fault-tolerant microelectronics.

About 30 professors and students from ICT joined this seminar. During each invited talk, many questions are raised from the participants. We exchanged ideas and discussed the critical issues such as major failure causes of different types of memory, hardware & software co-operation for reliability management, multi-layer fault injection and simulation, crucial parts identification for reliable design, limitations of radiation-based soft error generation and evaluation, and so on.

Seminar Site 

Shi-Jie Wen from Cisco gave a talk

Participants were discussing