LingCloud Open Source Cloud Computing System Is Released

Date: Jun 02, 2011
   LingCloud ( is a suite of cloud computing system developed by the Research Group of Distributed and Cloud Computing, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It provides a resource single leasing point system for consolidated leasing physical and virtual machines, and supports various heterogeneous application modes including high performance computing, large scale data processing, massive data storage, etc. on shared infrastructure. LingCloud can help to build private clouds for governments, enterprises, and research institutes, and it is also suitable to construct public clouds for managing data centers. It has been adopted in some affiliations of China. 
   The paper on LingCloud (Vega LingCloud: A Resource Single Leasing Point System to Support Heterogeneous Application Modes on Shared Infrastructure) had been published in ISPA 2011 (The 9th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications), and won the Best Paper Award. The research group also developed and enhanced a large-scale data processing platform based on Hadoop above the elastic computing infrastructure of LingCloud, which provides high reliability, good scalability, and high flexibility for data processing. Many of the key technologies, such as RCFile and CCIndex, have been adopted in production systems of large Internet enterprises like Facebook.
   In order to promote the development of cloud computing industry in China and strengthen the communication between academia and industry, the team has released an open source version of LingCloud with core features under Apache License 2.0. The open source version focuses on IaaS, and provides functionalities including infrastructure management and application encapsulation. The team welcomes any organizations or individuals dedicated to cloud computing to get involved in the development of LingCloud sincerely.