Godson-3B : A 1GHz 40W 8-Core 128GFlops Processor in 65nm CMOS

Date: May 10, 2011
The Godson-3B processor is an 8-core high-performance general-purpose processor implemented in 65nm CMOS low-power general-purpose mixed process with 7 layers of Cu metallization. Godson-3B contains 582.6M transistors (including 4MB L2-cache) within 299.8mm2 area. The number of signal pins in Godson-3B is 654. The highest frequency of Godson-3B is 1.05GHz, and the peak performance is 128GFLOPS (double-precision) or 256GFLOPS (single-precision) at 1GHz frequency with 40W power consumption. Godson-3B has an energy efficiency of 3.2GFLOPS/W while Power7 has an energy efficiency about 1.5GFLOPS/W. Godson-3B contains 2 nodes while being able to scale to 16 nodes through inter-chip connection. Each node contains four cores, four L2-cache banks, one HyperTransport (HT) controller, one DDR2/3 controller, and the interconnection network connecting these components together. The interconnection network takes the 128-bit AXI standard interface with cache coherence extension.
The Godson-3B chip and the operating system make up one of 16 projects funded by China’s national science and technology initiative and will emerge in a high-performance system from Dawning. The Dawning system will use 3,000 Godson-3B chips to deliver about 300 Teraflops.
The research entitled “Godson-3B : A 1GHz 40W 8-Core 128GFlops Processor in 65nm CMOS” has been accepted by IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC 2011).