ICT’s Network Research Department is dedicated to building next-generation information infrastructure and to constructing a comprehensive testbed of Information Superbahn. To achieve these goals, innovative research and demonstrative applications are being fostered in the key directions of system software, access network and backbone networking.

Network Technology Research Center
Specializing in network architecture, theory and systems, the Network Technology Research Center (NTRC) has shouldered many important projects with the support of China’s National Key Research and Development Plan, its National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 plan), and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. NTRC staff produced a large volume of exciting research results, with proprietary intellectual property rights, which have had exposure through top international conferences and journals such as SIGCOMM, INFOCOM, CoNEXT, AAAI, TON, TCOM, JSAC, and TMC. A solid research team is composed of seven professors, twelve associate professors, fifty-one PhD candidates and fifty graduate students. Stable and long-term collaborations have been established with famous universities and research institutes for cooperation in research and student training. NTRC is making great strides toward becoming a world-class network research leader.

Wireless Communication Research Center
Fulfilling national requirements on wireless communications and industrial development, the Institute of Computing Technology, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, established a Wireless Communication Research Center. The center has grown into an outstanding and mature research team in wireless communication, dedicated to solving the national challenge of lack of chipsets and core technologies. Its key R&D directions include super base station, baseband chipsets and protocol software. Upon its successful development of the super base station, super terminal and communication instruments to support big data communication and cloud computing applications in space-ground integrated networks, the center has been granted as a founding research center for Beijing Key Laboratory of Mobile Computing.

Research Center of Distributed Systems
With a team culture of “high efficiency, high quality and high growth”, the Research Center of Distributed Systems  (RCDS) aims to innovate and build next-generation information infrastructure by catching the wave of distributed development in the 3.0 era. A core task for RCDS is construction of an Information Superbahn large-scale testbed. To that end, the center’s experts study distributed system methodology, including architecture, software, protocols, and programming paradigms. By carrying out disruptive and source innovation, RCDS will be built into a new type of distributed computing research team with significant disciplinary characteristics that is intended have global influence and be a growth magnet for outstanding talents in the field of distributed systems. RCDS’ focus on R&D for distributed systems taps the significant research advantages, large facilities and major scientific programs of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research Centers