Computer System

Research themes in our institute’s Computer System Research Department cover open-source chips and computer systems, high-throughput manycore processor architectures and computer systems, high performance computers, and intelligent computer systems and architectures.

High performance computers
The goal of the High Performance Computer Research Center is to research and develop China’s independent high-performance computer systems. Established in 1990 as the National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems, and subsequently renamed, the center focuses on high-performance computer system architecture, system software, high-performance parallel algorithms, high-performance computing applications, reconfigurable accelerated computing, and related areas.

High-throughput manycore processor architectures and computer systems
In this era of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Everything (IoE), building computing infrastructures for high-throughput computing that can network and simultaneously deliver high-quality services to tens of thousands of users is a mainstay of current research. R&D for high-throughput manycore processor architectures, high-throughput computer systems using the silicon chip developed with the high-throughput manycore processor architectures, high-throughput applications and parallel algorithms are ongoing.

Open-source chips and computer systems
Development of open-source software and hardware technologies is vital in tackling the challenging requirements of emerging and future application scenarios like AIoT. The transformative nature of AIoT requires lowering barriers to chip and system innovation. ICT’s research and development directions aim for improvements to open-source RISC-V processors, open-source EDA, agile design methods and cloud platform for open-source processors, open-source computer systems, message interfaced memory system, distributed storage systems, and benchmarking science and engineering. Overall, the direction at ICT is toward building more robust open IT ecosystems.

Intelligent computer systems and architectures
The core mission of ICT’s Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems (CICS) is the development of world-leading intelligent computers. Major research areas include computer system theory and architecture; novel structures and methods of intelligent processor architecture design; key technologies of Chiplet, robot processor and dedicated intelligent computer systems; innovation algorithms of neural architecture search as well as perception, positioning and planning for autonomous driving. Industrial computers and on-board computers are important areas of the center’s research.


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