Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence, from inception in the data-based Internet era to today’s computing-based cloud era, is poised to revolutionize nearly all areas of human endeavor from communications and information to transportation, industry and government. The trend is toward Model-based services to manage complexity. Moving from the general AI infrastructure to the construction of “AI+” systems necessitates closing gaps across disciplines, across semantics, and across scenarios. Meeting the challenges of intelligent model infrastructure, the new generation of intelligent systems is building an AI+ system technical support platform and creating a new generation of intelligent system application models. Systems thinking will engender models that are self-organizing, evolvable and highly adaptable to support the realization of system applications that meet major national needs.
Research in AI+, which is central to an entirely new generation of intelligent systems, is being carried out both for core technologies and general purpose applications. Cross-domain federated collaborative technologies, complex perception models and adaptive technologies are among the early priorities. An AI+ system technical support platform, and AI+ typical applications in scenarios such as health care, agriculture and governance, are the key goals in support of this dynamic change.


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