Brief Introduction
Education stands at the heart of the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences because of ICT’s mission as an open comprehensive research institute in the broad field of computing and computer technology. At its inception, ICT fostered the first group of computer professionals for the People’s Republic of China. Graduate education at ICT has a longstanding tradition that dates back to the 1960s. By the end of 2023, more than 5000 ICT graduate students had obtained Master’s and PhD degrees, and become employed by well-known scientific research institutions, enterprises and universities in China and abroad. ICT was also among the first group to establish post-doctoral research station in China (1985).

ICT boasts a team of highly qualified faculty consisting of distinguished professors with strong education and scientific research capabilities. The curriculum, mentorship and facilities provide the first-class environment that students need for their scientific research. As of November 2023, ICT had 200 supervisors, including more than 100 PhD supervisors from high-level laboratories. Currently, ICT ranks among China’s largest computer training departments in terms of student numbers. Enrollment in 2023 was more than 1500 graduate students (more than 680 of them studying for their doctorate). In the latest subject review organized by the Ministry of Education of China, the computer science and technology discipline led by ICT received the highest rating of "A+".

To advance students’ prospects and training, ICT took the lead in creating an undergraduate program in computer technology. In 2012, when the Chinese Academy of Sciences began its University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), ICT joined in developing at the undergraduate level the UCAS School of Computer and Technology. Undergraduate enrollment in the computers and technology program began in 2014 on campus in Beijing. The past years have witnessed the school’s continuous efforts to improve the quality of undergraduate and graduate curriculum and facilities to stand as one of China’s top schools in computer science and technology, with a special emphasis on research and creative thinking. For over a half century, ICT has prepared students for truly extraordinary career achievements in the field.
 Graduation ceremony in 2023
 Walking on the red carpet at the graduation ceremony
 Students from ICT participated in the volunteer departure ceremony for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
 Freshmen received education on scientific research integrity at the opening ceremony of postgraduate students